Interdisciplinary Research on Emotions in Neuroscience and Philosophy

PD Dr. med. Susanne Erk

In 2010 I became group leader of the Emotion and Cognition research group at the Division of Mind and Brain Research. After studying medicine in Cologne (Germany) and Switzerland I started working as a resident in psychiatry at the Department of Psychiatry III at the University Clinic Ulm, where I started to research emotions using functional neuroimaging methods. After working as a postdoctoral researcher in the Neuroimaging and Neurophysiology Lab in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Frankfurt, I continued my work as assistant professor and acting head of the Department of Medical Psychology at the University Clinic Bonn.

The main focus of my research is the mutual interaction of emotion and cognitive processes. In particular I am interested in:
• the emotional modulation of learning and memory
• the mechanisms of emotion regulation and its genetic underpinnings
• the long-term impact of emotion regulation on emotion experience and episodic memory processes
• genetic influences on fear conditioning and extinction learning using a translational approach
• the impact of disease-related genetic variability (in particular of affective disorder) on hippocampal-dependent memory

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