Interdisciplinary Research on Emotions in Neuroscience and Philosophy

Dr. Kerrin Jacobs

Within the AE project I focus on a systematization of existential feelings
in depression and aim to specify distortions of ability in mental illness,
as such continuing and expanding the work I began in my doctoral
dissertation. My Ph.D. thesis "Soziopathie: Eine Untersuchung moralischer
Unfähigkeit" (published 2012) aims to bridge the perspectives of
meta-ethics, philosophy of psychiatry, and psychology. Against the
backdrop of a discussion on the concept of mental disorder and the
application of the notion of disorder to psychopathy I focussed on current
moral-psychological considerations on (mental) incapacity. Psychopathy
illustrates ex negativo which abilities a person needs to have in order to
be able to adopt a moral point of view.

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